The Dales Festival: An exquisite taste of the local food and people

  1. Yorkshire admin
  2. May 17, 2012 9:31 pm

Trying to find a spot to go on a bank getaway this holiday weekend? Or perhaps, wish to experience the best local food and drink Yorkshire has to offer? Lucky you because you’ve found yourself in the right place! (This site can be your ultimate guide to make sure you experience Yorkshire’s finest so just keep on reading).

If you’re fascinated to uncover the answers to all of your questions above (I’m quite sure you are), then all you have to do is to head for Leyburn in the heart of Wensleydale! The three day Dales Festival of Food and Drink can be described as a banquet of delectable delights having a remarkably local flavour. Celebrated during the May bank Holiday weekend, this festival happens to be visited by over 15, 000 holiday-makers from all over the area. Established in 2002, the event appeared to be a response to the Foot and Mouth outbreak and is particularly organised by the Leyburn and Mid-Wensleydale Partnership Ltd, an authorized charity. You will find three significant elements that make the Dales Festival of Food and Drink a roaring success, namely: Food, Farming and Fun. With regards to the Food element of the festival, there over 80 stalls showcasing local food products along with a number of outside stands (you’ll undoubtedly get something for everyone so no worries). There you will also discover the best locally sourced organic meats, and not to mention, award-winning brewskies represented by nearly 40 small breweries throughout the festival’s very own Drinks Marquee and Beer Festival. The Farming for Food activities, on the other hand, include things like discussions and presentations of farming techniques covering anything from bee keeping to sheep shearing. With regards to amusement and FUN, the festivity also draws together live cooking demos from the region’s top notch chefs. Furthermore, they give you an assortment of rides and entertainments for all age groups, young or old, so that means more choices, more fun!

What’s more inspiring is that this event supports small and local businesses. Not only that, any kind of monetary excess gained from this event goes to local community causes. Considering that it just started in 2002, the Dales Festival of Food and Drink has gained excess funds of over £140, 000. And most of these financial resources have been completely handed out to local organisations that happen to be centrally located around the region of Wensleydale. The charitable contributions cover anything from Christmas lights and small Rotary Club projects, to village hall investment and as well as supporting local music groups and school projects.

So if you want to have a taste of Dales, celebrate the FUN now! You’ll surely enjoy the activities being offered while at the same time do a charitable act for the locals!