Leeds – Bradford Airport

  1. Yorkshire admin
  2. April 21, 2012 6:23 pm

The Leeds Bradford International Airport is the largest airport in Yorkshire and it can be found in Yeadon, more precisely, only 10 miles from the City of Leeds. As its name indicates, the main cities which serves the airport are Leeds, Bradford and also Wakefield and York.

Its history began with the naming of Leeds and Bradford Municipal Aerodrome in 1931 and had only a few services to London, Newcastle, Liverpool, Edinburgh and the Isle of Man.

As the Second World War began, it had been built a secret second aiport, where some military airplanes were tested. Not so later, new routes were founded towards the Isle of Wight, Düsseldorf, Dublin, Belfast, Ostend, Southend, Jersey.

In the 1970’s the first charter, holiday flights were started, with the destination of the Iberian Peninsula.

Since the 2000’s there have been planned developments to the ariport, namely: the number of the additional aircraft parking places is planned,  new terminal buildings and gates, new hotels and offices, additional parking places and a new railway station near Horsforth. In February of 2012, there had been introduced a new system in the Leeds Bradford International Airport, namely the company of the Rent-A-Car brought their company in order to provide the tourists and travellers an easier facility, after their flight is over and want to get in Yorkshire without any problem.

Today, more and more new routes had been introduced in the Leeds Bradford International Airport. In March, this year, had been announced in a press release, that addtional flights will be added to Sharm el Sheikh, which is a popular holiday destination on the Red Sea. Back in to 2008, new routes were introduced in Germany, to Islamabad, Dubai and the Middle East. Also, it was planned to start charter flights to USA, initially to the west coast, in order to facilitate the holiday an other destinations both in the South and North America. All these improvements in 2008 were planned with the help of the Bridgepoint Capital, offering £70 million, and another £3 million for the parking areas plus the pick-up and drop-off.

It can be said that there are nine main airlines which are operating the routes, both scheduled and charter flights. Also, the Leeds-Bradford International Airport serves more than 74 routes both in the UK and in Europe.

There were seven new routes in plan which were to start from 2009, and these destinations are the following: Sharm el Sheikh, Rhodes, London-Gatwick, Dubrovnik, Albert, Newquai, Larnaca.